The Treasure Principle - By Randy Alcorn

04/09/2009 20:07

The Treasure Principle is one of the most thought provoking books that I have read. 

Randy Alcorn’s cover page denotes his books as “Lifechange Books” and indeed I believe they are just that.

Randy teaches us in simple easy to understand terminology how to Unlock the Secret of Joyful Giving. 

His six simple chapters help us to understand the reasons for giving. He does not try to make one feel guilty about giving. He explains and shows us using the scripture as reference how it is our responsibility to give unto others. 

The Treasure Principle is simple – You can’t take it with you but you can send it on ahead.  What this means is “Anything we try to hold on to here on earth will be lost but everything we put in God’s hand will be ours for an eternity. If we give instead of keep we are investing in eternal treasures in heaven that will never stop paying  dividends. 

By storing your treasures in heaven you are serving God and others. Everyone gains no one loses  – it’s a win, win situation.

The Six Treasure Principles:

God Owns Everything – we are stewards of his assets. They have been entrusted to us not given to us.

My Heart Always Goes Where I Put God’s Money -  Reallocating your money brings joy and peace.

Heaven Not Earth Is My Home -  We are citizens of a better country - a heavenly one.

Live Not for the Dot But For The Line – From life on earth extends a line that goes on for eternity.

Giving Is The Only Answer -  A joyful surrender to a greater person and a greater agenda.

God’s Prosperity - raises not my standard of living but my standard of giving.

By observing these principles your eyes will always be on eternity and its rewards. It will be so easy to overcome your previous roadblocks to giving. 

If you haven’t already read this gem take an hour or so and spend some time with Randy and learn why and how you can achieve Joy and Peace in your life just by giving what God has given you. This book will change your life if you let it.

For those who have already read it, please share your views and insights. 

Peace, love and joy to all my sisters. 

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