The Power of Journaling

06/12/2008 09:54

If you're like most women, you need a private outlet to communicate your fondest memories and your deepest fears. I'd like to introduce you to the age-old tradition of journaling.  The word "Journal" may be sometimes used for "diary" but really the two are different because in a diary you usually write everyday , while in a journal you don't have to. Journals were originally used with the end result being publication. Today they are also being used as a way to leave important information to our loved ones about our daily lives and heritage.

 Your journal does not have to be fancy and expensive. A notebook preferably spiral will do because this allows you to fold it back and write comfortably. If you are crafty this would be the perfect opportunity to indulge in your creativity. Making the cover your own would encourage you to use it more often.

Journaling is a pastime some of us have always enjoyed. It gives us a place to record our observations and our memories before life gets too fast for us to remember the small moments which brought us joy once upon a time. Some women use journals to records important events such as vacations, weddings, and the joys of motherhood.

From journaling your hopes and dreams as a teenager to journaling your doubts and fears as an adult, journaling has been a part of some of our lives through the years.

I can remember my first experience with journaling. It was as a new bride & mother. I was so unsure of what life had to offer and journaling was a way to get those fears out of my head and onto paper. Seeing things in black & white helped to sort them out and gave me the ability to tackle them one at a time.

Years later I remember reading through that first journal and seeing how I had grown as a person. It also brought back dreams that I once had and renewed a spirit to continue on without looking back.

As I renewed my walk with Christ I began to journal my daily readings and the thoughts and questions which arose from the scriptures. Having spoken to other Christian women it appears that this is a way to stay focused on the purpose and plan for their lives.

Would you like to learn more about how to recollect fond memories and create new ones. Would you be interested in learning how to release and express your creativity? If so, then I'd like invite you to download the 30 Day Personal Journaling Guide and begin your journey today!

 Beauty By Design Ministries has created an easy to use 30 Day Personal Journaling Guide to aid you in developing this valuable hobby.

Click on the link on the home page or on the left to discover how to obtain this wonderful guide.

Happy Journaling.

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Topic: The Power of Journaling


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As I mentioned via email, I do love this post.

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