The Love Dare

10/23/2008 14:23

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By Stephen Kendrick &amp; Alex Kendrick / B &amp; H Publishing Group<br>
<br><!-- The Love Dare 0805448853 448856 KENDRIC Stephen Kendrick &amp; Alex Kendrick -->Today, many marriages end when one partner says "I don't love you anymore." In <i>Love Dare</i>, the book featured in the movie <i>Fireproof</i> (starring Kirk Cameron), you can learn the true nature of love. It's a 40-day guided devotional experience that will lead your heart back to truly loving your spouse. Each day's entry discusses a unique aspect of love, presents a specific "dare" to do for your spouse, and gives you a journaling area to chart the progress that you will be making. I dare you to take the dare!