The Ultimate Blog Challenge

03/25/2011 21:54

Starting April 1st we will be undertaking the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Our blog will be based on “The Bible in 90 Days”. Everyday for 30 days, there will a new post about my journey through the bible. If you have never experienced the Bible in 90 Days, I will be summarizing the concepts of the daily scripture reading. This reading scenario has been around for sometime and it is my understanding that it has changed the lives of those who have chosen to undertake this opportunity. I myself have been committed to reading it for over two months and have been compelled by the Lord to take notes. Little did I know that this challenge would come up and I would already have material to continue me on this journey. I must say I have already experienced some life changing moments as I journey through the bible. For those who have read the entire Bible I say BRAVO to you and to those who have not I say it is well worth your time to obtain spiritual growth. God Bless You and have a great day.