The Bible in 90 Days - Day 8

04/08/2011 21:06

Day 8 (Lev. 1:1 – Lev. 14:32)   Offerings

An offering is considered to be the amount given above the tithe.  The offering is our opportunity to give.  Allow the Spirit of God to impress on your heart to whom, when, and how much to give as an offering.

God values our offerings differently than men do.  In God's eyes, the value of the offering is not determined by the amount of the offering.  Our attitude in giving is what is most important to God. If we give to be seen by men or with a stingy heart toward God, our offering loses its value. God is more interested and impressed by how we give than what we give.

God doesn't want us to be overly concerned with how our offering is spent. We should do what we can to make sure that the church and/or ministry that we give to is a good steward of God's money, we can't always know for sure that the money we give will be spent correctly. We should not be overly burdened with this concern. Nor should we use this as an excuse not to give.

It's important for us to find a good church that is wisely using its financial resources for God's glory and for the growth of the kingdom. But once we give, we don't need to worry about what happens to the money. This is God's problem to settle. If a church leader or ministry misuses its funds, God knows how to deal with it.

We rob God when we fail to give offerings to him. Giving is meant to be a joyful expression of thanks to God from the heart, and not an obligation.

“Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over. 


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