Schools Out For Summer (Faithbooking)

06/03/2008 10:08

School is out and the grandchildren are already bored. What do you do with them so they and you are not climbing the walls? How about faithbooking (scrapbooking)? Sharing family memories while making new ones.

As I attempt to come up with a curriculum for the little ones so we are all constantly learning I have decided that at least once a week we will do scrapbooking (faithbooking) my new term of choice.

So the first step will be to organize all the supplies. Here is what I did:

     1. searched the house in all the known places for supplies. Paper in one box, stickers in a     

         cabinet, specialty pens in a canister.

    2. sorted all the paper by color and design

    3. categorized all stickers, embellishments, etc. 

With everything all laid out I then began the task of making sense of it all. Along the way I thought what if I created a system (like the pre-made kits) where I would start to create pages with like items.

So I put some of the pages into the Faithbook sleeves (scrapbook). I then took some of the embellishments and added them to the pockets accordingly.

As I did this all sorts of creative ideas came to mind. First I searched for inspirational bible scriptures. I then created clear decorative labels using a quirky font and printed them out. These can be add to the pages as I see fit.

The I took an empty binder put in some plastic sleeves and began filling them with all the stickers, etc. Having the embellishments in a handy binder with clear sleeves lets me see at a glance what I have and what I might need.

While doing this I re-discovered so many things I purchased and did nothing with because I thought I had no themes to go with them.

At the end of the day, I now have 12 sleeves set and ready to go, of course, I will added details as the project progresses, but now I have a place to start.

Now the Faithbooks (Scrapbooks) and supplies are prominently displayed in the family room for easy access and as reminder to faithbook regularly.

Now to find a container that I can re-purpose after decorating that can be used for all the specialty pens and pencils.

Let’s make some memories and leave our legacy behind for generations to see.

Happy Faithbooking (Scrapbooking)


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