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01/16/2014 11:02

First and foremost I would like to say Happy New Year to all of God's children.  It's been a while but I am still standing tall in God's army and praising him for his many blessings.

As a celebration of the blessings that have been bestowed upon me by our Heavenly Father, I am paying it forward with "Gifts of Inspiration".  I received this inspiration from an acquaintance of mine Sharon-Marie Jordan, a calligrapher @ Sharmiessence. 

The way this works is the first (12) twelve people who comment on my blog site will receive a "GIFT" from me sometime in the next year with no advance notice.  It will just show up in your mail hopefully when you can most use the "Love" of the Lord.  It may be a piece of jewelry from my collection "Gemstone Crosses", a book of inspirational quotes or poems, a gift basket, a care package - who knows.  But it will be something inspirational that you can keep for yourself or pay it forward to someone in need at the time.

"What's the catch you say?" The (12) twelve people who accept this offer must commit to make the same offer to at least (5) people either on their blog, website or Facebook page.  

After you comment on this post on my  blog  site, then you must email me your snail mail address. Please send your contact information to: 

Remember you must post on my blog site to be entered in the giveaway.  While you are there please feel free to look around and comment if you feel so lead to do s.

Blessings and I pray each and everyone of you gets all the Lord has purposed for your lives.      


Topic: Happy New Year - Paying It Forward


Date: 01/16/2014 | By: Sharon-Marie

Aww, Daphne! I wish I could take full credit for this idea, but I saw it floating around Facebook several times before I used it myself. :) God Bless you for using it in the way that you are - "Gifts of Inspiration" . . . I love this! May Our Lord bless you most abundantly!

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