Esther - Finding Favor

06/01/2008 09:06

Mrs. Dana M. Neal is a wife, mother, and a dedicated business woman. She is walking in God's plan, striving to build his kingdom. A professional event planner, referral travel agent and CEO of a non-profit organization. Mrs. Neal never forgets her first love; Jesus. Here is her latest article on Esther. My desire is to be like Esther, to my husband and for my husband; to find favor in his eyes and the people around me. To serve my Father in heaven in obedience and submission to my king on earth.

She was a woman that found favor in Mordecai her cousin and Hegai the one who had charge of the King's Harem and then the king; even after the thirty days she was separate from her king she found favor in him. Haman even pleaded for his life knowing she could help save him.

A woman that finds favor in all the men around, at different levels and different aspects of her life, has me in awe. God made Esther to be a woman "of noble character .... worth far more than rubies" (Psalm 31:10 emphasis mine) as he made all other women. We just have to walk in what he has already done for us.

Because she had pleased Hegai, he provided her with special foods and beauty treatments, as well as, being assigned seven maids while she was being prepared for the king.

Esther was a woman that settled into life without forgetting her heritage. She was able to obtain the finer "things" in life by obeying the laws of the land but protecting her nationality in the mist. (Chapter2:10, 20) In this book, you can almost sense her spirituality without the author even saying it. She had kept her connection with the Lord. She knew to fast and pray first before "challenging the world" (Chapter 4:15). She remembered her people and protected them. She also remembered her spirituality and focused on that to help her continue to find favor with her king. (Chapter 5: 1-8 and 7:1-10)

Esther showed women how to love their husbands. Before she became queen, she took with her, to please the king, whatever Hegai told her to take. (Something he/she knew would please the King). She always stated when she spoke to the King "if it pleases the king" saying whatever you like my husband, whatever you want my love, if what I suggest to you pleases you my king. Her husband, the king, was never displeased with her.

Esther was and is the biblical woman to help all other women to stand in their marriages and not be in bondage to situations. She is the one that never forgot her spirituality; remembers to pray first before going into "battle" a battle that was not hers to fight. I admire Esther because she never forgot herself and continued to be a help meet to her husband the king. E.S.S.E.N.C.E Of A Woman, LLC Christian Business Owners Services & Gifts and 4 My Kids, Inc. Travel Business


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Topic: Esther - Finding Favor

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