Deborah & Barak (She Leads Them Back to God )

06/17/2016 12:07

In the Old Testament the Book of Judges - Chapter 4 we learned about Deborah.  She was a judge and prophetess and the wife of Lapidoth.

For twenty years, Jabin - the king of Hazor and his commander in chief Sisera made life unbearable for the Israelites.  After their spirits were broken and they were down trodden they finally cried out and begged the Lord for help.

As Deborah was a woman of God, the children of Israel took comfort in coming to her to settle their disputes.  Her fame spread far and wide.  She became a "mother" in Israel.  (Judg. 4:6, 14, 5:7)

With the Lord's guidance and her direction preparations were being made everywhere for the great effort to throw off the yoke of bondage brought on by the Canaanites.

She summoned Barak the son of Abinoam from Kadesh and said to him "Hath not the Lord God of Israel commanded saying, "Mobilize 10,000 men of Zebulon and Naphtali, and lead them to Mount Tabor on the plain of Esdraelon at its northeast end".  The Lord goes on to further say "I will draw King Jabin's army there and you will defeat them".

Now Barak not having the same faith said to Deborah "I will only go if you will go with me.  If you won't go neither will I.

Even though Deborah warned that her being there would diminish the honor of Barak she went along anyway.

Now King Jabin had gotten word of Barak and his army and he immediately gathered his men together and waged an attack.  But the victory was not to be theirs.  With the word from Deborah "Now is the time for the attack.   The Lord leads on".  Barak and his army rained down on Jabin and his men.  In all the panic and confusion the victory was theirs just as the Lord commanded it would be.

Henceforth the children of Israel prospered and prevailed having the ability to destroy King Jabin and his empire.

With such a victorious deliverance at hand Deborah went on to give all the honor and glory to the Lord with the "Song of Deborah" which can be read about in Judges 5.

Have you ever been called to do something and hesitated waiting for someone else to do it first?  What does that say about your relationship with the Lord? Are you willing to give up your honor because you are afraid to step out of the box?  What are you doing in your walk with Christ to bring the children of God back to him?

Please share your thoughts?

Have a Blessed Day.

Topic: Deborah & Barak (She Leads Them Back to God )

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