5th Annual MommyFest

05/07/2008 19:39

You're Invited Come & Join Our Blog Party



What is MommyFest you say?

MommyFest is an Interactive Online event for Moms of all kinds. Stay at home, work at home, business owner, babysitter, grandmothers, everyone is invited. Doesn't matter what kind of mom you are its a Blog Party.

Just like a regular convention, there will be exhibitors and workshops during the entire event. Exhibitors will have booths with links to their site with details about their services and any other information that they wish to share.

A list of the workshops being offered and all details can be found by clicking on the following link https://mommyfest.com/2008 or by cutting and pasting it into your browser. Or simply use the link on my home page to be taken directly to the party.

Participating bloggers will be given on opportunity to receive a “MommyFest Convention ePacket”. Some bloggers are also doing some kind of giveaway at their own blogspots during the week of Mommyfest.

There will be games, special give-aways and tons of fun. All this for free. This event is as being designated as a tribute to all moms.

Come and help us celebrate all the joys of Motherhood - Join us at MommyFest.

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