Fruits of The Spirit

First Fruit - Love

03/30/2011 10:20
Love is an emotion that causes us as human beings to do things that we may not ordinarily do. When we are in love we sacrifice for those we are in love with. We give of ourselves for the betterment of those we love. Love is a feeling that is like no other. The world is brighter, life is happier and our outlook of our circumstances is seen through a different viewpoint. The bible tells us that Jesus loves us not for what we do but for who we are. Jesus died on the Cross because he loves us. He...

Fruits of the Spirit - Wednesday

03/30/2011 05:37
  I came across this challenging meme while doing my weekly research for blog topics. The challenge is to take a look at each of the Fruits of the Spirit. One per week and to see where you are with the particular fruit. So each Wednesday for the next (9) weeks I will be writing about what I have learned and how I have or have not implemented these fruits into my own walk with Christ. This learning experience will help me and maybe help others who may be struggling in some way. For those...
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