Christian Home Decor  

 A Reflection of Your Faith


What does the term "Christian Home Decor" mean to you?  Does it mean that your home should be plastered with images of the God you serve?  Should you have scriptues posted in every room?  Does your home say come in, take your shoes off and sit awhile?  Or are you screaming Heaven or Hell - make a choice.

Most say that the image one gets when they enter your home is a reflection of the spirit of the person you are. As Christians we should be concerned that the message we are sending to those who enter our home is one where everyone is welcome. Our home decor should not be offensive to those who are not walking in the Love of the God you serve.

When we have guests in our home they should feel the love and want to stay awhile and enjoy the ambience. They should want to know what it is that makes your home so warm and cozy. Whether it be the lighting, the aromas coming from the kitchen or that picture hanging on the wall. If you are a collector, your collection should be displayed so that it beckons one to stop and see the treasures. Your home should say there is peace and tranquility behind these walls.

A picture or plaque, an inspirational candle, a song in the background are all ways to infuse your home with the warm spirit of Christ. Just a little in a few places or in every room of your home is all it takes. Words of affirmation discreetly displayed are ways to remind you, your loved ones and visitors to your home of the reason we are here on earth.


Remember: Less is more.


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